5 Growing Trends Among Consumers Toward Wellness and Health Prevention

According to Hubba Influencer Sherry Torkos, Pharmacist and author of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, there are some noteworthy trends emerging in the health and wellness world.

As a holistically-oriented pharmacist she sees a growing trend among consumers toward wellness and health prevention. For instance, in an effort to stay healthy more people are taking nutritional supplements and eating healthier by choosing organic foods and minimizing sugar and processed foods. In fact, according to some recent surveys about 70% of people take natural health products including vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics and essential fatty acids to support their health.

Here are 5 trends that people in the health and wellness world need to follow closely:

#1: Inflammation is one of the hottest buzzwords in natural health circles, and sales of omega 3s, probiotics, and turmeric are growing. Sleep aids are among the top 10 sellers in OTC natural remedies, especially those with melatonin.

#2: People are researching their options, reading labels carefully and looking for products free of common allergens such as gluten, lactose, soy, corn and artificial dyes and flavours.

#3: The rising average age of baby boomers is positive for retailers who sell calcium and bone supplements, fibre supplements, and digestive supplements.

#4: More people are also interested in ethical products including supplements that are vegetarian and free of animal by-products and free of GMOs. Bioavailability is also called in to question more frequently, with customers wanting to make sure they can absorb all the nutrients in the supplements they are taking.

#5: Canadian products are known to be of the highest standards. With Health Canada’s stringent NPN process, which requires companies to follow pharmaceutical level manufacturing processes and provide evidence of safety and efficacy, consumers can feel confident in choosing supplements made in Canada.

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