New 3D Glasses Gives Doctors Ability to See Right Through You


Gone are the days of lying to your doctor to get a note – they can see right through you. Groundbreaking technology has just hit the health market, allowing doctors to create a 3D view of your internal anatomy.

EchoPixel, founded in 2012, uses stereoscope technology to create a rendering of the body being examined. ‘Stereoscope’ refers to using multiple images to create one fuller, more accurate depiction of an object. A pioneer in these types of systems, Sergio Agguire has spent the last 4 years refining this technology.

The problem to solve, states EchoPixel on their informative website, is when a doctor looks at MRI, CT and x-ray scans, they’re piecing together 2D images to create the most accurate 3D depiction of the patient’s body possible. “That mental leap (from the 2D images to knowing what the body is actually like) means they’re forced to make assumptions about what the patient’s evaluated anatomy truly looks like.” This can often lead to “overlooking critical clinical information.”

You know what they say about assumptions… and in the case of medical equipment and evaluation, it’s no laughing matter.

The 3D virtual model is accessible by doctors wearing the accompanied 3D glasses. Physicians can then interact with and move the organ in question by using a stylus pen. Take a look at this:



This innovation is mind-blowing and will improve both the health industry, and the physician-patient relationship. “This interactive virtual reality really facilitates understanding,” says Ken Merdan, a senior research and development fellow at medical-device maker Boston Scientific. Early adopters of this product include Stanford University and the renowned Cleveland Clinic.

There are increasingly few industries not impacted by virtual reality and the technology boom at large. Within the health and wellness industry, this is something that could be viewed in stark contrast to the equally prominent ‘natural’ movement.

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