You Won’t Believe How Tostitos Is Combating Drunk Driving on Super Bowl Sunday


“In spite of a decline in impaired driving rates over the past 30 years, [it] still remains one of the most frequent criminal offences and is among the leading criminal causes of death” reports The Center for Justice Statistics. Humans beings are social creatures. The allure of a crowded bar, drinks shared between friends is something that seems to be ingrained in our psyche. But sadly, impaired driving is still a huge social problem – nearly one third of yearly traffic-related deaths are caused by impaired drivers. This is a sobering fact (no pun intended). Now, companies from outside of the alcohol industry are stepping up to help lead the charge and raise awareness of the cause that has touched many families in our country.

One of those brands is Tostitos. Yes, your favorite chip company that makes you forget your ‘don’t-eat-the-whole-bag’ rule has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) and Uber to introduce an amazing campaign surrounding Super Bowl Sunday. The goal of their campaign is to get 25,000 cars off the road on the night of the big game and the way they are doing it is genius.



The partnered companies have designed a breathalyzer bag of chips called “The Party Bag”. You read that right, the bag acts as a breathalyzer to tell you if you are in proper driving shape or not. You power up the bag, breath into a small nozzle, and it displays either a red steering wheel saying “Do Not Drink and Drive” if it detects alcohol, or a green steering wheel if alcohol is not detected. To further encourage safety, if you get the red steering wheel, you can scan the bag itself with your Uber app and get a huge discount on a ride home. This discount is added to the 10 percent off Tostitos offers you on Uber rides just for buying the bag on Super Bowl Sunday.

This type of innovation reflects a call for change in the alcohol consumers market, and expertly utilizes an incentive-based system to drive the change. We are all guilty of having a few too many silly-sodas in our lives, but Tostitos, M.A.D.D and Uber saw an opportunity to face that reality head on together and through partnership and genius technology, make some real change.


*Image via Frito-Lay Tostitos

Dante Berardi Jr.

Dante Berardi Jr.

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Dante Berardi Jr.