New Webinar! An Influencer’s Guide to Working with Brands


“It’s not rocket science, but sometimes people don’t know what questions to ask” says Chef Dennis of the beginning stages of becoming an influencer. Social media can sometimes feel isolating, but it’s an influencers job to make it a place your audience wants to hang out with you. Chef Dennis has had major success as an influencer, and he’s done it all with a smile on his face.

With an audience of over one million, Chef Dennis is taking his followers on a culinary journey, sharing recipes and stories from kitchens around the world. We sat down with Dennis to help create the ultimate Influencer Guide to Working with Brands so you can dive into the mind of an international influencer.

It all started for Dennis when he was working as a cook at a local school in his town of Orlando, Florida. “I had no idea what to feed kids, so I just fed them like adults. It worked out really well” Dennis says. “One day I was getting ready for a catering event and a young lady asked if she could help me. It had me thinking I’d really like to start a culinary program… which then led to a blog.


“I’m not doing anything special… I’m just doing what seems to be right. I’m following a tenant. The whole ‘do unto others what you wish was done to you’ sort of thing.” You know, share others’ good work and they’ll share yours.


“I went through trials and tribulations [at the beginning]. I knew nothing about the industry. I had one person tell me my blog was ‘too ugly to join our organization’. But I finally found a company that let me join them, no questions asked. And that’s where I sharpened my teeth in the food blogging world.”

“Up to that point, I’d get encouragement from my family. My brother and his wife were my sole supporters. At that point I think I had 6 people subscribed.” That was in 2010, only seven years ago.

“But then one morning, I woke up to a new follower in New Zealand. And then Singapore. And I didn’t know how it happened! I immediately got that delusion of grandeur we all get, thinking [I was] going to be the next big thing and money was going to just be rolling in!”

“Well, that didn’t happen” he laughs. “And honestly, if I had known how much work it was going to be… I might have found another hobby” Dennis jokes. The truth is it takes a lot of hard work and time to make a living off social media. But with a little humor like Dennis, and a burgeoning toolbox of tips from the pros, you’re sure to see results.

We’re hosting a webinar in collaboration with Chef Dennis to help you start building that influencer toolbox.

“If you’re an influencer, you’ll learn how I went from [creating] content that was deemed “too ugly to share”, to being good enough for some of the biggest brands in the world. And If you’re a brand, you’ll learn what you should expect from influencers you work with.”