Shoppers with a Sweet Tooth Will Love These All Natural Snacks


It’s no secret that health and wellness is a growing trend in the food industry. However, that doesn’t mean that shoppers aren’t hankering for sweets any less. #HubbaFoodBev week has the scoop on some guilt-free desserts.


1. Go Raw. Go Raw offers a wide variety of sprouted, raw, all organic snacks, from Sprouted Bars to Sprouted Seeds, Sprouted Cookies, Sprouted Flax Snax, Coconut Crisps, Chocolate and Sprouted Granola. Made in California and available nationwide.​
2. Namaste Foods. A family-owned business offering outrageously delicious, better-for-you, sweet and savoury foods suitable for everyone, including those with food allergies and sensitivities.
3. Ruby’s Naturals. Pure food for a delicious life. Discover the best tasting non-dairy fruit & veggie frozen snacks.
4. Fancypants Baking. Fancypants bakes cookies using high quality, simple, unaltered non-GMO ingredients, are tree nut and peanut free, and certified Kosher.
5. Salazon Chocolate. Salazon Chocolate is a line of premium organic, single-origin, salted dark chocolate bars. Their artisanal salted chocolate is crafted using only the highest quality ingredients and each bar is carefully hand-sprinkled with their signature touch of natural sea salt.
6. Wink Frozen Desserts. Through the blending of vegetable ingredients, Wink is the first vegan based frozen dessert to be 100% hypoallergenic, sugar free, low fat while having the same consistency and deliciousness of ice cream.
7. Euforia. Euforia Confections makes all-natural gluten free exotic cakes.
8. Tasty Brand. Tasty Brand sandwich cookies are made without any artificial ingredients. There are no trans fats, hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup. They are also certified kosher & vegan.
9. Blends By Orly. These custom gluten-free flours are a great alternative to wheat flour, allowing consumers to make and enjoy their favourite recipes.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet