Russian Restaurant Cooks Up Perfect Marketing Stunt

This week in strange Russian marketing, one restaurant sets a billboard on fire in the name of being memorable.

We’ve heard our fair share of marketing stunts in the past. Last week, Cards Against Humanity raised enough money to dig a giant hole over the course of three days, and remember when Red Bull convinced ? But this one is a particular kind of unbelievable.

Double Grill and Bar, located in the city of Yekaterinburgh posted a billboard showing a giant slab of steak.

Bemused passersby slowed their walk in confusion. For a while, it was the talk of the city. Why?

Then in the middle of the night, two men in chef’s uniforms climbed up to the billboard and promptly lit the billboard on fire with a flamethrower, burning eight vertical lines through the steak. Although only lit for seconds, once the fire was extinguished, the steak appeared charbroiled and revealed the restaurant’s name and location so onlookers could head there to try one of the steaks themselves.

You really have to see it for yourself. Here’s the full video of the stunt:

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Images and video courtesy of RA Voskhod