Travel Season is Just Around the Corner! Add Nutritionists’ Favorite Vacay Eats to Your Assortment


As a specialty food retailer, you’re always trying to find the best products for your customers. We get it, you need something that’ll pop off the shelf at shoppers any time of the year. But the food industry doesn’t escape the need for seasonal products – your customers want to eat differently during the winter holidays than they do, say, at a summer barbecue.

With the cold snap that’s hit us here at Hubba Headquarters, we’ve got our sights set on the upcoming vacation season. Did you know that 76 million Americans hopped on a plane in March last year? Spring break is on its way, and that leaves you just enough time to stock up on your customer’s favorites. We caught up with jet-setting nutritionists to give us tips on how to stay healthy while enjoying vacation, and have rounded up brand favorites that’ll fit in your customers’ suitcases while still packing a (flavor) punch in their stomachs.


They make their own breakfast

It’s been scientifically proven that the more one eats out at restaurants (even at healthy places), the harder it is to control body weight. Many travelers choose to eat breakfast at their accommodations – it makes the most sense, they’re already there in the morning… no need to trek back to their room after half a day out on the town. Here are a few compact breakfast hits for a quick, easy and nutritious way to start customers’ day off right.

MOMA instant cup of porridge

Kalona SuperNatural single-serve yogurt

They carry snacks in their backpacks

Every experienced traveler has their favorite snacks to shove into their bag before a day out exploring. Luckily, options now include more than just loose granola in a Ziploc bag. Here are some great snacks that’ll fit into any bag’s front pocket.

Ocean’s Halo seaweed strips

They still indulge in the finer things (and by finer things, we obviously mean chocolate)

With these portable and organic treats, health-conscious travelers don’t have to skimp on desserts during their vacation (I know I won’t be).

Rau chocolate drinks

… and indulge some more

Can’t forget about another travelling staple for many! Contrary to popular belief, travelers are permitted to bring unopened alcohol on a domestic flight, so long as it doesn’t exceed a certain amount. Here are some boutique brands your customers can enjoy anywhere – from on a deck, watching the sun set over a beach, to in a mug around a picnic table after a brisk hike.

Koval honey liqueur

Archer Roose boxed wine