Modernize Your Logo with These Quick 5-Minute DIY Tricks


After 15 years of the same logo, fast food giant Subway has done a generational rebranding! A generational rebrand is when you make your logo look more modern while still maintaining the overall feel of the original – think of it as the midway point between a completely new look and all the potential risk that it involves (losing customer recognition, etc.), and staying the same and stagnant.

“We see this as a way to refresh our look while remaining true to the brand’s roots by using the vibrant color palette of the mid ’60s when we were founded,” a spokeswoman from Subway told CNBC.

Subway isn’t the first big company to freshen their look. Pepsi did the same in 2008; and I know you haven’t forgotten about Google’s logo change that sent the internet into a midlife crisis.

Whether you’ve been around for a while and need a fresh look or just feel unsatisfied with your current logo but don’t want to fully overhaul, here are some tips to get you on your way to a tasteful, modern look:

Keep enough elements from your original logo for a customer from the past to recognize your new one. Colors are always an easy thing to retain because they can be translated to any design trend. Pick out an element in your logo that you think its most recognizable. For Subway, it’s the arrows at either end of the name – a trait their logo has had since it’s founding in the 60s.

Like Subway, many brand’s logo typography is out of date, even if it’s just a few years old. Typography is just a fancy word for what the text looks like – the font you use and what colors.

One really easy way to make your logo instantly more modern is to change the font. Currently, design trend leans away from serif fonts. Serifs are the little feet that are on letters:

Just like stainless steel and white walls are trendy in homes; sleek, clean lines are ‘in’ for logo design also. Time to de-clutter! Are there parts of your logo that are just for decoration? If there’s a graphic that doesn’t represent something about your company – take it out! This’ll allow new customers to have a clearer sense of what you do upon very first impression.


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