Millennials are Twice as Likely to Cook at Home – Here’s How Food & Beverage Brands Can Benefit


Foodies are everywhere. And thanks to apps like Yelp, not only can consumers share opinions of their restaurant experience, they can cultivate a following, becoming an influencer/online amateur food critic. But for many, the convenience of eating out 3+ days a week just isn’t feasible – time constraints, budget, family, or all of the above, have people returning to their kitchens and creating their own culinary creations. This, of course, is made easier by the fact that recipes, ideas, and advice are all readily available online.

Staying in the Kitchen

According to a survey by PeaPod and ORC International (Dec 2016), 72% of Americans already report cooking at home four nights or more per week in 2016, with no signs of slowing down for 2017. Over a third of Americans surveyed (34%) are planning to cook dinner at home even more in 2017. Leading the cooking movement are Millennials, who are twice as likely as their older counterparts to make this a resolution. The survey also revealed that 53% of consumers would like to meal plan more in 2017.

How to Benefit from This Movement

Though armed with a wealth of information, home cooks still need to gather their ingredients. Millennials are looking for budget and time friendly recipes. They are also interested in meal planning and affordable home delivery services – all of which can benefit food/beverage brands. Grocery stores of any size can absolutely excel here by providing easy, ready-to-go options that home cooks can take home and prepare: pre-washed/pre-cleaned veggies, seasoned meat or tofu ready for the oven or grill, and healthy alternatives like zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice, which many can’t make at home or don’t have the time to do. For online food shoppers, food/beverage brands can provide recipes with ingredients that can be loaded into their baskets with one click and picked up or delivered. Restaurants can also jump in here – they can provide recipes online for their top selling meals outlining their top selling brands. As Millennial home cooks step up, organic ingredients will no doubt be high on their list too. Offering organic and natural options could be another winning step for drawing in Millennial home-cook customers.

Jill England

Jill England

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Jill England