Make Your Products Shine Online: Go Raw’s Step-by-Step Guide


Founded back in 2002, Go Raw carries an extensive line of sprouted raw food and snacks. Recently, they had a complete visual face-lift and we can’t say we blame them – according to Neilson, “More than half of global consumers are willing to buy groceries online.” And as anyone in the retail biz may have noticed, shoppers’ habits are greatly swayed by their online research now more than ever.

From their sleek website design, to their vibrant ad campaigns and mouth-watering Instagram feed, we noticed Go Raw’s digital assets were in tip-top shape. Want to know how you can follow in their footsteps? We chat with Lindsay Lea, Marketing Associate at Go Raw, for some guidance.

It goes without saying: Context is key. Consumers won’t care about a product if they don’t know what it is – food, especially. As Lindsay also points out, it’s not enough to let consumers know what products you’re selling, but the full scope of them as well.

She elaborates, “One of our goals is to really show how broad our portfolio is. [In our ads] A lot of times you’ll see a family shot, for example and there’ll be a top seller for each category in the shot so people can understand we do more than just cookies or granola, etc.”

Your packaging is most likely your first point of contact with a shopper in-store, so it needs to stand out digitally (in pictures) just as much. You’re also ensuring your brand becomes instantly recognizable in the long run!

Now that they’ve rebranded, it’s even more essential for Go Raw to project a clear image to consumers. “We make sure our packaging is in every shot. It may not be the hero or focal point, but even being in the background is super important,” Lindsay explains.

One of the things brands – especially emerging brands – may have trouble with is shooting their own product shots. Hiring a photographer is expensive and often not a viable option, but don’t let that intimidate you. There are a whole bunch of things you can do to take a great shot with your own camera!

Don’t underestimate the power of great lighting! Casting your product in the perfect light will make your product shine… literally. Natural lighting is really great for capturing the colour of your beautiful packaging – fluorescent and other indoor lighting tends to tint your picture yellow or blue depending on what sorts of bulbs you have. The sun is a reliable source of true-colour. Try to find a spot in your space with loads of natural light, like by a window, or even take your product outside to snap a few!

This is typically where your social media presence is key. One external resource that will always prove invaluable are your Influencers, whoever they may be. Go Raw has an ‘Ambassador Program’ for this very reason. “It’s been great to find these people with really amazing photos using our products,” Lindsay gushes. “They’re so passionate about the brand that they’re inadvertently working for us to help spread the message of us and how good it is, how good it is for you.” But whether you have such a program, or simply want to encourage fans of your product to engage across social media channels, one thing’s for sure according to Lindsay, “People love taking pictures of their food and they love sharing them.”

Whatever your game plan, make sure you are consistent across the board. Lagging in one area may drastically impact how consumers interact with your brand. Have a Facebook page? Don’t leave it stagnant with outdated images. Have a website? Make sure it represents your brand and product as well as you could if you were face-to-face with a consumer.

Go Raw’s rebranding has had some growing pains in this area. As per Lindsay, “We’ve been waiting to revamp the site for a while now. We’re investing a lot in other areas of marketing, but it’s been challenging because we want to drive people to our website. We want [our website] to drive them to purchase directly through us as well as drive people to our social media. But it’s not where we want it to be yet from a functionality stand point, so in the past it’s held us back a bit. But we’re looking forward to re-launching [the website] later in our second quarter!”

Go Raw’s visual presence both off and online is still more than easy on the eyes. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – when it comes to food, most consumers shop with their eyes, not with their stomachs and any brand would do well to keep that in mind!