#HubbaStories: Specialty Grocer Uses Hubba to Optimize Trade Show Offseason

Note: #HubbaStories is a new series highlighting the successes of our community of really amazing and unique craft brands, retailers and influencers. You’ve been a big part of making Hubba what it is. This is your time. Check in here at the blog for #HubbaStories to congratulate your peers, and learn more about how you can use Hubba to accomplish your next goals. Let’s get things done.


Bravely stepping out on her own after a long career as an AT&T executive and raising a family, Nancy Brown set up her online marketplace. She’s always been an avid cook, and after years of taking care of others, decided it was time to pursue a career in line with her passion. The concept was simple – sell people food that makes them happy.

Now two years into business, Foodlyn is flourishing, building new connections with unique artisans as motivated as Nancy herself. After seeing her impressive catalog, we called to ask how she goes about finding such unique brands to work with. She shared with us that before Hubba, most of her connections came from trade shows. It’s not the first time we’ve heard that – trade shows are definitely effective, but they come at a (literal) cost. “It’s thousands of dollars to have a booth and when you are just starting… that’s just not possible” she laments over her humble beginnings.

How Hubba Helped

Foodlyn was introduced to Hubba when a brand invited them to join in order to share digital assets. Brand and retailer pages make it super easy to find all the information you need about the company – lifestyle and product images, UPC codes, brand story, dimensions, marketing materials. It’s all right on their profile.

Hubba acts as an online trade show, showcasing products for retailers to discover in an easily scannable grid… and it costs about the same as one square foot of exhibition space. Foodlyn finds Hubba particularly useful during the tradeshow offseason, using our discovery network to supplement and find the newest trending craft brands. ‘Products to Pursue’, she names her wish list of collaborators. Nancy uses our connections and messaging functions to digitally shake hands and make deals with brands and influencers without being restricted to who’s at the show.

Taking an active role in your small business’ growth is imperative. Hubba Accelerate takes care of the nitty gritty details of building a perfect retailer/brand page and widens your exposure, casting a net and finding you thousands of products that could be the next big thing. Then we step away and let you decide who it’ll be.

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