A Guide to Millennials: How Stash Tea Targets their Largest Consumer Base


The Stash Tea Company was founded in 1972 and started out as a supplier of loose herbal teas and bulk herbs for natural food stores. By 1975, their repertoire had expanded to include bagged teas and they were selling a full line of traditional, specialty blend, and herbal teas to fine restaurants and directly to consumers. Nowadays, Stash Tea is one of the largest specialty tea companies in the United States (also selling internationally in Canada and several other countries).

According to the Tea Association of USA, Tea is being consumed almost as much as water, with Americans consuming well over 80 billion servings of tea in 2015 alone. And who among them is the most likely to partake in the herbal beverage? Millenials – about 87% of millenials drink tea.

While their strong heritage and commitment to providing only high quality teas with natural ingredients certainly makes them a brand to watch, what keeps them on top of an ever-growing, always changing consumer market? Stash Tea’s Marketing Coordinator, Camille Carlson gives us some insight.

We appreciate that millennials are interested in exploring new things. They like to keep their options open and consequently, often end up regularly discovering new products and brands they love. Because of this shopping mentality, we know that millennials represent a large group of consumers that would be interested in trying our tea if given the opportunity. It’s important to capture approval from this group, as they usually don’t have just one tea brand that they stick to, but will try other products that appeal to them as well. We realize that the millennial market is a growing force in the marketplace, and thus a huge opportunity for Stash Tea. It’s important to keep our finger on the pulse of what consumers are looking for, and to adapt and evolve to reach new markets.

We have really taken to Instagram in order to market to millennials. Not only is this our most active social platform, it is also where millennials can interact with our brand, and see what’s new and what’s coming. We know that transparency is huge for millennials, and that they are continuing to seek out products that are natural, healthy, and authentic.

We have found that millennials really enjoy knowing all of their options when it comes to brand products. They also love discovering healthy, innovative ways to enjoy their favourite products. Because we carry over 200 blends of teas, we try to inform our followers as best we can of our full line of products. We pride ourselves on having a taste for every palate, and want to make sure this is communicated properly. We routinely highlight customer favourites and unique blends on social media, and find that we tend to see the most engagement when either new teas are discovered or classic favourites are seen and appreciated. We’ve also noticed that incorporating tea into various recipes tends to grab the attention of the millennial market. Matcha, for example, is a particularly popular tea at the moment, and we find that sharing recipes where this powdered green tea can be incorporated into baked goods or tea lattes interests this market.

Though our market is heavily grocery store-driven, we’ve evolved into becoming a company that also relies heavily on e-commerce. In order to stay current and competitive, it’s important to continuously evaluate your brand and see where there is room for improvement – which of course is an ever changing process. Recently, we’ve made a conscious effort to better reach the millennial market by revamping our website. We are thrilled to have a new site that is both desktop and mobile friendly, allows for quick and efficient navigation, and serves as a resource for tea education, tea recipes, and much, much more.