Find Out Why This Grocery Chain is Replacing Junky Treats with Organic Options


Popular grocery chain Raley’s is updating their California store by offering healthier options for customers. This move starts near the checkout stands, where many shoppers grab last minute snacks and drinks before leaving. Keith Knopf, Raley’s COO, says, “We are proud to take a brave next step by making it easier for shoppers to choose healthy, more nutritious options.”

Grocery chains are singing a new tune

Raley’s is part of an ever-growing group of chain grocers who are moving towards providing their customers with healthier food options, at affordable prices. As covered before on the blog, it’s become quite clear that all-natural foods are now more mainstream.

Whole Foods, known as an uber expensive healthy grocery store, has come to terms with their “whole paycheck” reputation and are making moves to correct their sales model by lowering their prices – while on the opposite end of the spectrum, Walmart, which is known for primarily unhealthy processed options, is now moving to include healthier products. Like Raley’s, these stores recognize the demand and are offering affordable, preservative-free and natural food products in their stores.

A healthier choice to grab and go

Raley’s is doing their part by transforming check stands at all 120 of its stores and replacing the processed products that are usually on display with more wholesome options. As we know, millennials, a driving force behind the organics market, look for real ingredients, so this move is clearly a bid to further draw this demographic to their stores. Raley’s is also taking other initiatives like eliminating their private label brand soda (which contains high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavor) , offering free fruit to children while shopping with their guardians, and are even launching a personalized health program called “Let’s Begin” for customers. Raley’s is set to open a natural food store, with a farmer’s market concept in San Francisco this upcoming spring.

Jill England

Jill England

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