13-Year Old Girl Held at Gunpoint Refuses to Surrender Chicken McNugget


2017 is off to a stellar start for the food industry. We’ve already met Salt Bae, the man who sprinkles salt like a boss, and learned of this guy who bought a single fish for half a million dollars. But in what may be the story of the year so far, one 13-year-old girl becomes our food industry hero.

The girl (whose name remains undisclosed) had just bought McNuggets at a McDonald’s in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood when a young boy (12-years-old) asked her for a piece. She declined and began her walk home. The girl reports that the boy then followed her into a subway station, put a gun to her head, and asked her again.

The girl knocked the gun away from the boy and told him to leave her alone, according to the NYPD, who were called to the scene after “numerous witnesses” reported the incident. She got to keep all her chicken.

As the New York Daily News wrote, “She had a McNugget in her hand, a gun to her head, and no fear in her heart.”

The boy has been charged with attempted robbery and will be tried as a juvenile in Family Court, reports Buzzfeed News.


*Img via Shannon Stapleton / Reuters