Frozen Food Spotlight: It’s Back! Brands Millennials are Stocking Up On


No longer is there a need to sacrifice taste when selecting quality food. Frozen food is oft viewed unfavorably because of questionable ingredients – but that’s all changing as brands launch healthier and creative options. Millennials and customers aged 50+ are finding their way back to frozen foods! The industry experienced growth in 2014 and is projected to continue growing and reach a market value of around $99 billion in the next few years (2019). Part of the market growth can be attributed to brands’ innovation in this category, offering quality ingredients, organic options, and eco-friendly packaging to keep frozen food fresh.


Delightful Desserts

Some call it the best part of any meal, but desserts are often skipped while dining at home. It takes time (and expensive ingredients) to make dessert from scratch. Brands have created frozen desserts, opening the options for after-dinner delights at home for consumers once again. Coolhaus is an all-natural, gourmet dessert company based in Los Angeles. All of their products are named after famous architects or architectural movements, and offer ice cream bars in creative flavor combinations. Pie, another longtime household favorite, comes frozen from brands like The Maine Pie Co. It takes all the work and none of the flavor out of pie. Crafted with experience, The Maine Pie Co. offers traditional flavors like apple, blueberry and threeberry.

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