Beverage Spotlight: A Bevvy of Beverage Brands for the Health-Conscious Shopper


In 2014, (non-alcoholic) beverage sales amounted to $1,079.2 billion globally. Whether it’s morning coffee, an afternoon energy boost, or a refreshing drink between meals, consumers are constantly looking for new and tasty beverage options. Want to know what current trends shoppers simply can’t get enough (while discovering dynamic Hubba brands in the process)? Read on!

Energy drinks are now entering Health and Wellness aisles

Consumers are straying away from the overly-sweetened, unhealthy energy drinks of yore. Instead, on-the-go shoppers are turning to all natural beverages for that afternoon pick-me-up. Guru Organic gives you all of the energy and none of the guilt, while Click Espresso Protein Drink is a great alternative to coffee, all while giving you your daily dose of protein. Award-winning Little Big Shot combats fatigue with 100% real berry fruit juices combined with metabolism-boosting vitamins and PureLyft is an all-natural energy product made from green coffee beans.

Coffee is getting colder and more potent

Coffee seems to be going through a renaissance at the moment, with cold brew coming out on top. Iced coffee has become a thing of the past, and those looking for a cool, refreshing caffeine fix are turning to the smoother, richer taste of a good cold brew. Originating in small and trendy neighborhood coffee shops, the cold brew craze shows no signs of slowing down. Coffee-lovers are also gravitating towards small-batch, artisanal and organic beans.

Teas are getting creative

Teas have seen a major boost in popularity over the past few years, especially amongst millennials. Not content with just your average green tea, tea-drinkers are reaching for brands with an innovative twist. Certified organic, pure and holistic teas have been trending for quite some time, brands are standing out through delicious (and natural) unconventional flavors.

Consumers are now sipping their superfoods

Superfoods have long since been a part of the health-conscious shopper’s diet, and what better way to get all the nutrients needed but through a cool, refreshing drink? Whether it’s cold-pressed fruit juices, organic waters, or vegan alternatives to their favorite guilty pleasure, consumers are turning to these nutrient-dense beverages in droves – and brands are taking notice. “Flavor profiles containing more exotic fruits and herbs will continue to find its market,” predicts Hubba Influencer, Dennis Littley of Ask Chef Dennis. “You’ll also find well-known brands trying to grab a piece of the action by reconfiguring their formulas to include fewer and simpler ingredients to combat the ‘unhealthy’ sentiment they’ve created over the years through their use of artificial ingredients and sugars.”

K-Cups continue to take over

Single-serving coffee machines such as Keurig were the second most popular brewing system after standard drip coffee makers, with 25% of U.S. coffee drinkers using them in 2015. As a result, single-serving packs of coffee (otherwise known as k-cups) have popped up in coffee aisles countrywide. Nowadays, k-cups are not necessarily packed with coffee but with other traditionally hot beverages. Brands like Lono Life have even taken it one step further, offering a quick and easy option for paleo-friendly bone broth for those looking for something a little more on the savory side.