Alcohol On-Demand: Postmates Gets Your Beverage Brand to the Consumer’s Door in 25 Minutes or Less


As research pours in to reveal that millennials are twice as likely to cook at home, we’re seeing an upward tick in food delivery services and online grocers. But as they say, “Eat, drink, and be merry!” – so it makes perfect sense that the demand for alcohol delivery would begin to rise as well.

Yes, mail-order wine is now a thing, but why wait a day or two for something you can get delivered to your door in less than half an hour? Sharing economy startup Postmates is delving into alcohol delivery and will be rolling out a new service allowing customers in San Francisco and Los Angeles to order alcoholic beverages.

To make this possible, Postmates has partnered up with participating liquor stores, who will take responsibility for handling, picking and packing the orders to be delivered. Unlimited plan subscribers get free delivery, while non-subscribers will get free delivery on orders more than $30.

What does this mean for craft alcoholic beverage brands?

As a participating vendor, you’d be accessible to consumers that would typically stray from buying your brand due to distance or time constraints. To the average consumer, this service is like having a liquor store in their back pocket.

“With 2 million orders being delivered per month on the Postmates platform, we know what customers love to buy,” states Postmates on their blog. “Having more than 7,000 partnerships with local businesses, we also know what increases sales for our merchant partners. As we continue to build infrastructure that bridges online and offline local commerce, we are excited to deliver you a new Postmates experience — the best beverages in your city in 25 minutes or less.”

Postmates gets a 25 percent cut from each delivery. And while that seems hefty at first glance, will the opportunity for participating brands and restaurants far outweigh the cost? We’ll see.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet