Influencer Insider: Bre Patterson on Enhancing Her Daily Eating Habits with Hubba Food and Beverage Brands


I’ve always had a passion for food and photography, especially when paired together. Snapping photos while my food turned cold was the reason my Food Influencer career took off.  I owe my earlier success to Instagram, which then pushed me into blogging about restaurants and food products. I stay true to my role as an influencer by eating everything I post about and only sharing the great experiences, because who wants to read about the bad?

Here’s some of the good. My favourite products on Hubba from the Food & Beverage Launch:

Hope Foods

Aside from being local to Colorado, I love the Thai Coconut Curry and Sriracha flavors to spice up a hummus and veggie platter for any party.

I also never feel guilty dipping pretzels into the Dark Chocolate or using it as a filling for crepes.


I start every morning with Vega One French Vanilla protein powder in my berry smoothies.

I love Vega because it has greens and multivitamins already added to the powder. I did a one-week sampling of different protein powders mixed with the same recipe every day and Vega was the best tasting by a landslide.

Kodiak Cakes

The single serve Protein Packed Buttermilk Flapjacks is the perfect, delicious breakfast when I go camping or I’m on-the-go. The container fits perfectly in my cup holder too.

Get the details on all of Industry Insider Bre’s favourites in Hubba.