How Superfit Hero Brings Women Body-Positive Performance Apparel

Micki Krimmel, the founder of Superfit Hero, is leading the charge in the Body Positive Movement.

As a competitive Roller Derby player she is surrounded every day with amazing athletic women of all shapes and sizes and being in that environment she saw first hand how the fitness industry largely ignored women larger than a size 12, even though the average North American female is a size 14. There is nothing average about Superfit Hero.

Beyond being the first fitness clothing brand to make size inclusive high performance leggings in sizes from XS to 3XL, Superfit Hero credits much of their success to the strength and passion of their community. By focusing on a passionate group of women made up initially inside the roller derby community (and on Kickstarter) they are able to get quick feedback on aspects of their design process all the way to their promotion.

Because they are so connected to their customers and are manufactured right in Los Angeles, SuperFit Hero isn’t confined to seasons like traditional fashion brands. They take advantage of this flexibility by releasing new designs on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. Micki loves what she does because she gets the opportunity to share the stories of amazing athletes. We love her because very few companies create a movement but Superfit Hero has and we’re looking forward to watching where the company goes in the years to come.

Superhero Fit exists because athletes come in all sizes, even if the industry feels differently.

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Saul Colt

Saul Colt

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Saul Colt