Discovery Made Easy: How Buyers Are Choosing Hubba over Google to Discover New Products

Sandy started Surprise Pawty, a pet subscription box after experiencing something that all new pet parents face – figuring out what products work best for their new four-legged friend. “Our puppy is pretty picky and has an allergy, so we found that the regular big box store items just weren’t working for us.”

After searching (and failing) to find a vendor that delivered a product assortment that met her needs, she decided to create one herself and Surprise Pawty was born.

Googling turns tricky

Unfortunately, finding new products to fill new boxes that appealed to her clients’ specific needs proved to be more difficult than she expected. Initially, Sandy turned to what everyone turns to… Google. “But Googling is really time-consuming.

“I noticed that if you want a specific item, you have to know what it is in advance in order for the right search results to come up. It’s especially hard to find smaller businesses because they might not have the funds to do proper SEO for their business to even pop up in Google searches.”

Sandy discovers Hubba

Still, Google – combined with regular trade shows – was the only way Sandy felt she could find craft brands to carry. That is, until one of her vendors turned her onto Hubba.

After logging on, Sandy found that she was able to find a huge variety of brands that met with her vision. “It really saves us a lot of time from trying to Google specific terms like ‘cool pet products’ or ‘organic treats.’

Using Hubba, Sandy was able to instantly connect with the brands she was looking for: high-quality, handmade, and catered to the (sometimes exacting) needs and expectations of her subscribers. Having distilled hours of fruitless Google searches into just a few keystrokes, Sandy could now focus on what she did best – making connections with new potential vendors.

Search leads to discovery

Pretty soon, K9 Bytes came up in Sandy’s Hubba search for new and interesting pet products. Sandy was able to quickly connect, sending a message to owner Shannon Barnard. In no time, K9 Bytes had an order for custom printed dog collars that fit in perfectly with Surprise Pawty’s high-end assortment (and monthly theme).

Dog collars being her number one seller, Shannon was eager to comply. She was also able to further leverage the deal by sending out a newsletter to K9 Bytes consumers informing them of the limited edition partnership and negotiated with Sandy to have a postcard included in the box itself introducing Surprise Pawty subscribers to the K9 Bytes brand, offering them a 15 percent discount on the whole line.

Using Flares to get specific

Sandy now uses Hubba on a regular basis, mentally slotting the brands she finds into different months, themes, and categories for her subscription box.  

“I’ve been on Hubba a couple times in the last week just to see what new vendors have popped up and added them to my list [of potential vendors].”


When Sandy found out about Hubba’s latest feature, Flares, which would allow her to create a request for a specific type of product that brands would, in turn, happily submit to her, she was even happier. “That’s such a great idea!” she exclaimed.

For her part, this was one of Shannon’s first deals made through the Hubba platform. She hopes it will only lead to more opportunities. “I would love to get into a brick and mortar store […] And I’m not looking for a huge, big box store either, I’m looking for a more independent store,” Shannon explains when asked what value she sees in making connections through the Hubba community.

For us, whether it’s saving Buyers like Sandy precious time, or putting Brands like Shannon’s in front of the people most interested in them, we love seeing our community thrive.

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