Product Spotlight: Surf-fur’s “Waterparka” Keeps Watermen Warm


Hubba carries some of the most innovative brands in the world and we’re always happy to show them some #HubbaLove. One such brand is Surf-fur, the world’s leading innovator, creator and producer of high quality, high performance clothing. The reversible, waterproof parkas are designed with specialized fleece in order to keep the wearer warm as they dominate the waters, no matter what the conditions.

As per Surf-fur’s co-founder, Cynthia Issel, “We felt there was a need for warming products that were made just with the waterman in mind.” So whether your consumers are free divers, spear fishers, scuba divers, surfers and/or kayakers, watch the video to get better acquainted with this unique brand that is sure to suit their needs.

Be sure to connect with Cynthia on Hubba and check out the Surf-fur line of products!

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet