Product Spotlight: Facaro Infuses Bike Culture into Elegant Home Décor


Facaro’s offbeat yet incredibly elegant chandeliers will be making an appearance at this year’s Dwell on Design Event and we couldn’t be more excited for her!

‘CONNECT’ is a functional sculpture series created by artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga (also known as Facaro). Recycled bike chains are sourced from shops all around Los Angeles and infused with a fresh, new and sophisticated take on life. What looks like larger-than-life, traditional chandeliers from a distance are actually heavily intricate, handmade works of art. “All of the bike chains that I use are trash so if they weren’t going to me, they’d be going, most likely, to the dump. I sort of redirect the fate of these chains.” Watch the video above to hear more about Facaro’s amazing work process.

Be sure to connect with Carolina on Hubba and check out the Facaro line of products!

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet