This Independent Retailer Expanded Her Assortment and Got a Leg up on Her Competition After Six Weeks on Hubba


Like most independent Buyers, Lisa Thibodeau used to spend precious time manually searching for viable Brands for her house and home accessories store, OliveTree Home. “I used to go through page after page of Google. [Unfortunately] some of the Brands that you’re really looking to connect with don’t have a large internet presence, so they only show up on page ten of Google. It’s a real hassle trying to find what you’re looking for.”

Fast forward to today, just six weeks after signing up for Hubba, Lisa has found seven new vendors, with five of them already up on her site. “Hubba has allowed us to expand so much in just a few short weeks. Just this morning, I added two more vendors and replied back to nine new Brand Pitches!”

All told, Lisa has struck deals with nine different Brands and is in talks with nine more. In light of her success, Hubba has become her go-to for sourcing products.

Lisa also feels that Hubba helps her discover niche products that set her apart from her competition, helping her bring in more independent, craft Brands not easily found everywhere else. With thousands of Brands joining Hubba each week, Lisa is able to source and connect with the real makers behind her favorite artisanal products and rest assured that she has a well-curated, well-rounded selection that her customers will love.

Thanks to Hubba Flares, Lisa has more Brands pitching their products to her than she could ever find on her own, and she credits Hubba’s matchmaking algorithm (and team) for expanding her assortment, and ultimately her business.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet