Natura Market Beats Whole Foods to the Punch, Discovers Latest Food Trend Thanks to Hubba

Natura Market is a Canadian e-commerce health food retailer that specializes in value-driven categories like Paleo-friendly and Whole30 foods. As a consumer himself, Shakzod Khabibov found it was often difficult to find the latest and greatest in health food trends.

His solution? An expensive and time-consuming habit of taking trips across the border to visit popular retailers. By doing this, Shakzod hoped to see what was trending in the US that he could then present to his Canadian consumers. “I would go to Whole Foods in California to see what they were selling,” Shakzod explains. “Then, I would go online and check the consumer reviews. I would also go to Google Trends to see how the product was performing online.”


Hubba lets you see the trends before they hit mainstream stores

And while his methods definitely pointed him in the right direction, as Shakzod admits, it wasn’t exactly the most efficient means of sourcing new and trending products. When Shakzod was turned on to Hubba, he immediately saw it as the answer. “Hubba is great for finding products that are coming new to attention!”

By following Hubba members –  like major food influencer Mark Sisson – who are typically well ahead of the brick and mortar trends, Shakzod is able to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s next. As it turns out, Ketogenic foods are one such trend.

After discovering Perfect Keto, Shakzod placed an order of a couple cases for every flavor of product they had. After emailing his consumer base of almost 10,000 shoppers, this initial order sold out in less than a week. He then placed a second order for over double the amount of cases. In a few months, Shakzod estimates he could be ordering cases from Perfect Keto by the dozen.

Hubba saves you hours by connecting you with the person in charge

Not only is Shakzod able to cut down on trips to the US, he’s able to streamline the Brand discovery process now that he can connect directly with primary decision makers through Hubba. During his old discovery process, that was not usually the case. “[After finding a Brand online], I’d have to go through customer support. I’d have to find the person who’s responsible for wholesale. And even then, I’d end up in contact with people who were not the decision makers. On Hubba, you only connect with decision makers.” Shakzod credits the ability to make an instant and authentic connection via the platform to how he was able to bring Perfect Keto on board so quickly.

Shakzod has since increased the amount of time he spends on Hubba and continues to bring brands like Equip Foods and Not Ketchup on board, the latter of which,  he recently tested out in his signature face-to-face style by inviting consumers over for a BBQ in order to gauge their interest.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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