Introducing Hubba’s New Podcast Hubba-UB: Episode One with Beth Wittig of Slater Zorn

It’s feeling extra sparkly today in the office because we’re thrilled to share our brand new podcast series with you. As you know, Hubba is all about product discovery and supporting brands, retailers and influencers making connections. Seeing the thousands of brands connecting on every day, we want to offer as many ways as possible to share the business advice, insights and inspiration these amazing brands possess; so enter the Hubba-UB podcast!

We know you’re on the go, so learning from,  and connecting with industry experts has to fit in around a busy schedule. Some people prefer consuming content and video on their phone, others listen to podcasts when they’re in the car, and a few sit down to read things on the computer. No matter how you want to learn about the business of brands and products, Hubba has you covered with videos, interviews, industry news and now podcasts, all designed to help you keep your finger on the pulse of everything retail.

Co-hosted by Bob Knorpp and Hubba’s own inimitable Saul Colt, the podcasts aim to give you insight into amazing brands you love already, and brands you’ve never heard of. The name, “the Hubba-UB”, is not only fun to say but the “UB” part actually stands for Unique Brands. As Saul says, “along with everything we do to support brands on, we also want to give them added exposure by sharing their most incredible stories, hearing from them on their successes, and learning from their failures.”

Whether its educational, inspirational or entertaining, every episode will offer an informative takeaway about the retail industry and life as a brand. There will be educational shows too, like on April 25th when Saul speaks to a consultant who will do a step-by-step walkthrough on finding an overseas manufacturer.

The podcast is must listen to for anyone looking to discover great new products or inspiration to make some of their own. So without further ado… here’s the first episode!

Episode One – Beth Wittig of Slater Zorn on the Hubba-UB Show with Saul Colt and Bob Knorpp

On this week’s episode of the Hubba-UB show with Saul Colt and Bob Knorpp: Saul chats with the CEO and Founder of luxury apparel brand, Slater Zorn, Beth Wittig. Here’s a sneak peak of the conversation:

Beth is a designer, entrepreneur, and avid sports fan. Raised in the northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia, Beth graduated from Penn State and then kick-started her financial career at Merrill Lynch. Eventually, Beth felt that irresistible tug toward love, home, and family. She left the corporate world to raise her two sons, very quickly finding herself living the sporting life.

Rapidly, the college games became the centerpiece of her family’s social lives. Beth explains: “I wanted to dress in colors and clothes that supported my team, and I was determined to do it with style. I am a huge sports fans, have spent a lot of time at sporting events but love fashion too… [So I thought] wouldn’t it be a fun thing to do to create a collection of clothing for men and women that they could build on and support their favourite team without it saying anything, have fashion flair and be subtle!”

In 2012, Beth launched Slater Zorn, the brand name a fusion of both Beth’s and her husband’s mothers’ maiden names. In reference to her own mother, Beth added, “My mother serves as a never ending source of inspiration to me as a woman with both style and substance. I believe those two words describe how I would like people to perceive the Slater Zorn brand.”

Today, Beth divides her time between Kansas and New York. Her balanced product line offers a range of luxury and accessible items made predominately by small batch manufacturers who still use traditional manufacturing methods to create products of the highest quality. As Beth puts it, “luxury doesn’t have to be through the roof expensive but it’s got to have integrity in its fabric and how it’s put together.”

To hear more, take a listen on the podcast and be sure to connect with Beth at Slater Zorn on Hubba!