How a Growing Brand Leveraged Hubba to Catapult their Relaunch


When we last spoke, Condiment Queen and CEO, Erika Kerekes, had launched Not Ketchup only a couple of years prior. Having spent nearly a decade as a prominent food blogger in her community, Erika cleverly leveraged the connections she’d built over time to launch a product, unlike the industry had ever seen. 

We thought we’d check in to see how business was going, and as it turns out, it’s booming! From a total relaunch after a successful crowdfunding campaign to a segment on live television, Not Ketchup seems to have captured the hearts of countless people – including a couple of members in our own Hubba community!

Want to know where it all began (and where this brand’s headed to next)? Read on…

Don’t forget to connect with Erika and discover Not Ketchup‘s full line of products on Hubba.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet