How a Hubba Influencer Helped Expand One Brand’s Distribution Channels


While a major part of a brand owner’s success is being discovered by and connecting with Buyers, Influencers are playing an increasingly integral role in building a business.

There are currently over 5,000 influencers on the Hubba platform, all of them respected voices within their given industries, looking for brands to partner up with. This year alone, there have been thousands of unique conversations between brands and influencers. That’s hundreds of connections, messages, and most importantly, collaborations created all thanks to Hubba.

One such collaboration includes the Heroclip. As a new mom, an entrepreneurship professor, a novice home remodeler, and an aspiring mountaineer, founder Mina Yoo, Ph.D. often found herself wishing she had more than two hands. So, she decided to rectify this by creating an “extra hand,” so to speak, in the simplest possible form: the Qlipter. A carabiner clip with a rotating, folding hook, which allowed users to secure and hang items like backpacks, diaper bags, and purses, anywhere, anytime. For Mina, this was a godsend… and consumers agreed!

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Qlipter was put into production, and eventually, graced the shelves of national retailers like REI and Big 5 Sporting Goods. Two years later, after taking feedback from her designers and crowd funding community into account, Mina improved upon her original invention and created the Qliplet (now called the Heroclip): a smaller, sleeker version with enhanced functionality and a larger variety of colors.


Influencers help broaden your horizons…

The brand’s ensuing success caught the eye of our community managers at Hubba, who reached out and connected Mina to Sports and Outdoor influencer, Kevin Paulson. Not only is Kevin a significant voice in the hunting market but he is the ‎founder of, a leading news source for national hunting and conservation news. After receiving a sample of the Heroclip, Kevin wrote a glowing review, raving over its many uses and unexpectedly catapulting Mina’s brand into the forefront of the hunting category.

“[Kevin] was very important to us because we hadn’t really reached out to the hunting market [before],” Mina recalls. “He’s quite influential, so it was really validating for us that somebody so well-versed in that area found our products useful.” Thanks to the review and the ensuing attention the brand received, Mina’s team was able to confidently approach Cabela’s, a retailer that likely would not have been as interested in their product only a year prior.

This is a perfect example of how the retail cycle has changed over the course of the past decade. Today, over half of retail buyers turn to influencers to gauge exactly what products consumers will want. Where Cabela’s, mainstay for hunting, camping, and fishing supplies, might have previously rejected a product like Heroclip, thinking it didn’t align with their assortment, hearing that it was so well-liked by an influencer in the hunting community played a huge part in their decision-making later on. So far, we’ve seen an 85 percent year over year growth in buyers looking to engage directly with influencers, finding that recommendations from micro-influencers are two times more effective than paid advertising. In turn, this bodes well for brands like Mina’s who have the backing of respected influencers like Kevin. Thanks to his review, Mina received VIP entry straight onto the shelves of a new retailer and was able to tap into an all new consumer demographic, further expanding her channels of distribution.



…and Hubba connects you in an authentic way.

Of course, Heroclip’s story doesn’t end there. In the past year, Heroclip has gotten into all 200 Ace Hardware stores across the country, is a best seller at Brookstone, and received accolades from both Outside Magazine and Seeing the potential in Hubba, as soon as it was within her budget to expand her team, Mina made sure to have a dedicated Director of Community in charge of engagement on the platform.

“Ciara plays a huge role in interacting with Hubba,” she tells us. “She manages our Hubba interactions […] as it’s been a platform that has been very successful for us. We were able to engage with people in a really authentic way that we haven’t seen with any other platform. There just hasn’t been anything quite like Hubba that we’ve been introduced to yet.”

We’re honored to be a part of Mina’s success story. As all entrepreneurs know, scrolling through countless Google, Instagram, and Facebook pages, hoping to find the perfect Influencer can be a daunting task. Hubba helps connect business owners like you to Influencers who are ready and willing to collaborate and who may just be the final piece of the puzzle you need to grow your business.

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