Hubba Flares are this Fast-Growing Retailer’s Secret Weapon for Sourcing the Perfect Products in Half the Time


As the owner of Foodlyn, an online marketplace for artisanal foods, finding new brands is Nancy Brown’s lifeblood. But after making the decision to rebrand and relaunch her site, Nancy was feeling the pressure of too many things to do and too little time.

As many small business owners are painfully aware of, a relaunch is no small feat. It often means shifting priorities and putting sales and marketing on the back burner while hoping to come back stronger (and hopefully recoup some of the time and money lost). Luckily for Nancy, that hasn’t been the case.

It was an ambitious goal, as Nancy explained during a recent call. “It’s going to be bigger, better, and more interesting [with a] giant recipe section and a very large content section with interviews, and articles, and a lot of fascinating content that I have writers producing.”

Old world methods, like attending trade shows and distributor meetings, sifting through trade magazines, and spending countless hours researching online, would normally take up a great deal of Nancy’s time (a luxury she currently doesn’t have). New world methods, like Flares, meant that Nancy eventually turned to Hubba for product sourcing.

Hubba Flares: the savvy buyer’s secret weapon

Flares, which allows buyers like Nancy to request very specific products and receive “applications” from brands, helps streamline the sourcing process and so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for in just a few, easy clicks. Since the launch of Hubba Flares just two months ago, Nancy estimates that she’s connected with almost a dozen brands.

Perhaps the biggest value of Hubba Flares, according to Nancy, is that she’s able to curate her assortment and react according to her company’s needs.

Most recently, after noticing a significant uptick in orders in the snacks category, Nancy was able to send out a Flare specifically for snack foods and received submissions from the type of vendors she needs, effectively cutting her buying cycle nearly in half.

In a world where the number of packaged goods has more than doubled over the past decade, it’s more important than ever for Buyers to be able to find and curate the perfect assortment. Thanks to Hubba Flares, Nancy was able to do just that while relaunching her brand and without skipping a single beat.

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Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet