Thanks to Hubba, This Blogger Was Able to Monetize Her Passion


Heidi Kleiber originally started Flawless Chaos as a blog dedicated to mindful living, documenting her efforts to, “make more with less”. After a year and half of blood, sweat, and tears, she decided she needed a little more return on her investment.

“In an effort to monetize Flawless Chaos, I started out doing affiliate work, but it wasn’t that successful, which is why I created the shop,” admits Heidi. “My goal is to offer a wide range of affordable, earth-friendly items that correlate to what I blog about: food, health, DIY, and home – I really don’t want to offer anything that I haven’t used myself.”

Heidi goes on to explain how, like many new entrepreneurs, she began her journey by doing some research online regarding buying, selling, and wholesaling.

That’s how she discovered Hubba.


From Blogger to Buyer

As a Buyer, Heidi realized she had to think about how her shop could easily and naturally convert her readers into consumers – selling relevant products on her site was the logical transition. Viewing it as a user-friendly, one-stop-shop that provided all the tools (and leads) she would probably want to run her own business, Heidi turned to Hubba to find vendors. “I wanted earth-friendly products, charitable products, and products that support training for women or that give back to a particular cause.”

With a lifestyle Brand like Flawless Chaos, having vendors that fit with the company’s overall “story” often means bonus points with the consumer, something that the enterprising mompreneur appreciates. Thanks to Hubba’s Smart Search functionality and Flares, Heidi was able to find exactly what she was looking for and set up shop in less than a month.  

“Most of the vendors I’ve met on Hubba have been very generous in shipping out free samples and explaining their marketing strategy,” Heidi remarks. “Everyone I work with agrees to drop ship or even lower minimum initial shipments. As a result, I’ve mostly been partnering with other small businesses like myself.”

That being said, Heidi still maintains that the blog side of her business is just as important as the selling side. “As the viewership and the traffic grows with the website in general, so does the traffic to the shop.” Fortunately, with thousands of Brands joining Hubba each week, Heidi will never have to worry about where her next product will come from.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet