This Brand Doubled Their Distribution After 3 Months on Hubba


Bristol & Sussex was borne out of a need for all natural personal care products. Co-founders Brandey Dollens and Salar Parvini began making the products on their own, and pretty soon, what started out as a hobby, had become a full-blown business.

After three years, Brandey Dollens began to feel that their distribution was too limited. “We were searching for different ways to get our products into stores,” she explains. “We started out of our garage and soliciting stores to carry our products but we weren’t sure how to expand our reach beyond the stores in our city.”

Looking to expand into e-commerce stores and brick and mortar stores outside of their usual scope, they came across Hubba.


Hubba makes wholesale easy

Brandey was immediately struck by how easy it was to use the service. “Hubba is one concise platform where we could build multiple, important business relationships all in one place,” Brandey beams. “We don’t have to have an extra database to help us remember who we talked to – all the company profiles are right there.”

Since December of last year, Brandey was able to strike deals with six different brick and mortar retailers and an additional 12 deals with e-commerce shops. “We were surprised by how many people are willing to make those relationships in such a short amount of time,” she remarks. The people you meet on Hubba feel like a “warm” lead rather than a cold call. Overall, the process went much quicker than any other way we’ve done it before.”

Now, Brandey no longer bothers with the cold calls and emails and thinks her peers shouldn’t either. “We’ve been so full with our Hubba relationships, it’s our main source of distribution right now.

“I think for any new brands who are looking to get their name on shelves and their product in people’s hands, Hubba is a must. It was so easy from the get-go, it opened so many doors for us, and it’s just been such an easy step forward.”

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet