In an Oversaturated Market, Hubba Helped Push This Craft Brand to the Top and onto a Retailer’s Shelves


Among the major cheese-producing countries, the United States ranks second, following closely behind Europe. In 2014, sales of cheese in the U.S. amounted to a cool $17.3 billion. This leaves the owners of businesses like Cheesepop with one question: How do you get discovered by buyers when your product is a) in a category all on its own, and b) trying to compete in an oversaturated market? These are the sort of problems that Cheesepop Operations Manager, Lisa Bottema, had to tackle.

As it turns out, Hubba is the answer.


Hubba pushes craft brands to the forefront

As the world’s largest B2B discovery network, with over 60,000 organizations on the platform, Hubba is a godsend to Buyers looking to curate an assortment of innovative craft products that consumers will love. With the help of Flares, Buyers are able to request specific products and receive “applications” from Brands, helping to streamline the sourcing process so that they may find exactly what they’re looking for in just a few, easy clicks.

In fact, Lisa credits Hubba for a major deal that landed Cheesepop in Wembley stores, a fine food and wine store in Valletta, Malta. “The impact that came from the connection between the Wembley stores and Cheesepop via Hubba was definitely significant,” she explains.

The first order was for one pallet including four displays carrying over 250 Cheesepop cups each and paved the way to two more orders after that and an agreement to carry new products as they are developed. “Through this platform, the owner of the Wembley stores was able to directly contact one of the Accounts and Marketing Managers of Cheesepop to ask about the export possibilities to Malta and its neighbor island. If it weren’t for Hubba, we probably wouldn’t have met yet!”


Hubba acts as a community, helps entrepreneurs learn from one another

In addition to striking deals through the platform, Lisa found another feature of Hubba’s, Groups, to be incredibly valuable. “Namely, the Growth Hack Group,” she explains. “We’ve met a lot of bloggers worldwide, who are willing to help [introduce] Cheesepop to consumers in their [respective markets] and who are willing to share their connections with us. For a small company like us, these new connections are incredibly helpful!”

The idea that you can tap into a community of experts from anywhere and at any time (and that your community has effectively grown tenfold from what it was, say, a decade ago) has become increasingly important within the world of commerce. When it comes to your business, the connections you make drive conversations that not only lead to a wealth of invaluable information but to potential partnership opportunities as well. Hubba helps connect you to your community and drive those conversations.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet