This Independent Designer Uses Hubba to Build Her Wholesale Business In Her Spare Time


Founder Cat Janiga initially started her business online, hoping that selling directly to her consumers would give her a leg up on the competition while allowing her to control her namesake Brand. However, given that her previous retail experience had always been in wholesale, this proved to be somewhat difficult. When Hubba offered her the chance to flex her wholesale muscles, she was excited to get started.

Going from wholesale to e-commerce… and back again

Cat recently received an order through the platform with boutique womenswear e-tailer, Maven Flair. “It all went very smoothly,” recounts Cat. “They paid before shipping, I shipped the product, and I sent them pictures to use for e-commerce.”

Along with the ease-of-use, Cat liked that Hubba’s messaging feature allowed her to have a frank conversation with the retailer, which she says helped her maintain her Brand identity throughout the entire transaction. “I don’t do orders less than 10 pieces and there’s also branded packaging, info cards, and other things I like to send along with each order,” Cat explains.

On Hubba, authentic conversations lead to real, live deals

In Cat’s experience, authentic connections weren’t easy to come by on other B2B platforms she’s tried in the past. “It was usually really hard to get a conversation going. You guys are definitely better at connecting Brands with Buyers.” At Hubba, we understand that as a small business owner, it isn’t always possible to spend hours a day on the site or even visit it on a daily basis. 

That’s why we’re so focused on building a solution that puts an emphasis on getting results quickly while still maintaining the feel of a welcoming community. That’s why when Cat recently noticed a Facebook conversation some Brands were having about Hubba, she stepped in and encouraged them to take the plunge. “[There are so many people like myself] on Hubba who are all trying to work together to grow their wholesale business. For anyone who doubts that Hubba might be the right place for them, my response is, why wouldn’t it be?” To Cat, Hubba is a no-brainer for independent retailers and craft Brands.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet