This Buyer Grew Her Product Assortment In Months, Thanks To The Dozens Of Brands She Found On Hubba


Founded by Sarah Ammons, Boho Babe – an online bohemian lifestyle boutique and subscription box company – started just eight short months ago. As the sole Buyer for her business, Sarah spent countless hours trying to source, connect, and strike deals with artisanal Brands – all on her own. That is until she found Hubba.


Hubba helps cuts down sourcing time…

“Hubba has helped me save so much time. [Up until now] I’ve been doing all of this on my own,” explains Sarah. “It was very time-consuming. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort into trying to find Brands on Google, Etsy – basically any avenue that I could find – that I align with while manually building my relationships over time.”

Before finding the platform, Sarah says that when it didn’t take hours to reach the right person, her emails would get lost in the shuffle. “As a small business, half the time you don’t even hear back from people or they don’t hear back from you because some of them do this part-time. Hubba’s great because everybody’s pretty active.”

Since finding Hubba, Sarah has moved her sourcing almost exclusively to the online service. Having made about 30 connections so far, and almost as many deals, Sarah has found that the connections she makes on Hubba are far more authentic and likely to create business relationships in the long term.


… and connects Buyers to thousands of unique Brands

“[I love] being able to interact with industry people and know exactly what they’re about [from looking at their Brand Page], and have them know what I’m about from the get-go,” says Sarah. “Hubba Flares helps weed out some of the people that you wouldn’t want to work with and helps you zone in on your niche, helping you find the types of people you need to collaborate with and the products [you want to carry].”

When she’s not sourcing (or having Brands pitch directly to her), Sarah loves that Hubba’s human matchmaking team act as an “extra set of eyes and ears”. Now, rather than running rampant trying to source and strike deals all on her own, Sarah uses Hubba as her go-to for all her assortment needs.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet