Case Study: How Consumers and Community Drive the New World of Retail


It can be intimidating for an up-and-coming Brand to enter the retail market. The constantly turning flywheel of Brands, retailers, and industry experts makes breaking into the market and distinguishing yourself from the competition difficult.

With Hubba, Brands can meet Buyers, Influencers, and partners in a way that feels natural. It both puts you in touch with your community, like LinkedIn, while allowing you to get the inside scoop on what’s going on according to the experts in your industry, like Instagram or Twitter… but remains entirely focused on the retail world. 3D Light FX recently met one such partner, PTPA, via Hubba, demonstrating just one example of how the new connected world of retail works…


The new retail model: How it works


The consumer is at the center of the retail community

With so much competition and online information, brands are looking for an opportunity to differentiate themselves. PTPA – which stands for Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved – leverages the new retail model by putting new products in the hands of parents who test the product and offer their seal of approval. PTPA then offers Brands access to their network of 70,000 parents and influencers to build awareness. “The whole goal of the company is to help [Brands] make products that consumers really want.” explains founder Sharon Vinderine.


Hubba helps keep brands connected to the buyers in that community

“We [give] them a way to differentiate themselves from the competition,” she continues. Given that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, having the PTPA seal of approval sets brands like 3D Light FX apart from their competitors by letting consumers know that others just like them approve of their product(s).


The conversations that result from those connections are what drives commerce

The current retail model means Brands and Buyers are more connected than ever to their consumers, yes, but it also means they’re more connected to each other. Thanks to Hubba, the owner of 3D Light FX can connect directly with Buyers – either by messaging them directly or submitting their products for their review – using their PTPA seal of approval to further pique their interest. For Buyers, who are increasingly taking consumer or influencer reviews into account before choosing which brands will stock their shelves, this makes for a stronger sale. Both members are able to quickly and easily find each other with a few simple clicks (i.e. through search or by creating a call for submissions) rather than spend hours looking for like-minded businesses or partners on Google or social media.

The toy industry is a billion-dollar business that has historically been dominated by a handful of major players. However, thanks to the rise of the craft brand, that’s all about to change. The democratization of retail means a more level playing field, and thanks to Hubba – and partners like PTPA – upstart brands have an easier time breaking into the new retail model by being placed in the forefront, and ultimately, top of mind for both Buyers and consumers.

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