World’s Ugliest Colour Caught Red-Handed (Or How to Attract Customers Using Colour in Branding)


We have conquered space travel, cloned a human brain, and figured out what happens after you die. But finally, the answer we’ve really all been waiting for: we now know the world’s ugliest color.

The Australian government set off into the sea of Pantone colors, and emerged from the depths of 1,114 with one unlucky winner: PANTONE 448C, “Opaque Couché”.

Thanks, mates.

But blowing up the internet isn’t the only goal of finding the color that has been described as ‘death’, ‘dirty’, and my personal favorite from a full-grown adult here in the office, ‘super icky’. It’s also being used to deter people from smoking. The color has since been used on Australia’s plain cigarette box to discourage people from wanting to buy them.

Because people are visual by nature, color is a powerful tool when it comes to branding. There’s a reason why traffic signs are the color they are – stop signs are universally red because it gives off a powerful, authoritative tone; green lights are so because its an agreeable color.

So too when it comes to your brand. Color has the power to sway your audience to notice what you want them to notice, feel what you want them to feel, and ultimately, do what you want them to do: buy your product.

The psychology of color is a subject that designers could talk about until they’re blue in the face, but to save you some time, here’s a quick breakdown of what colors convey to new customers:

At Hubba, our orange represents the community we’re building – a vibrant team of brands, retailers, and influencers who come together to create a network of people-helping-people.

The blue symbolizes what’s under the hood – a platform that allows you to store, organize, and keep all of your product information safe for you and your peers.

All without saying a word.

What do your brand colors say about your company?


We’re tickled pink to have these brands who do a fantastic job of using color on their products on our network: