Which Social Media Platform Works Best For Building Your Brand?


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Periscope, Snapchat…honestly, the list goes on and on, with new platforms added seemingly every year. While social media can be fantastic for a budding business with a limited marketing budget looking to find, engage with and build their consumer base, figuring out which platform to use can be a tad overwhelming.

79% of small business owners use social media to connect with their customers, but what platforms are they using and why? With the help of our uber-talented designer Amy, we’ve laid out the most popular social media apps, what they’re great for, what they’re lacking and if they’re the right option for your business.

Check out what these #HubbaBrands had to say about using social media!

“We spend the most time on Facebook because we have a large following there. However, we are also active on Twitter since it is great for one-on-one outreach, and we have engagement on Instagram. The key for us is to not overextend ourselves with every new social network that pops up, so we focus most of our time and money on [those three].” – Kristine, Goddess Garden Organics

“We have found that Instagram is one of the most active and engaging channels for Mommi.  There are so many amazing, active, & inspiring moms, moms-to-be, and wanna be moms that take to Instagram to share their stories. […] This includes lots of encouragement, support and recommendations for navigating pregnancy and motherhood. If we had to use only one social channel, it would be Instagram!” – Kelly, Mommi

“We have a great following and response on Twitter. And depending on the topic, Facebook as well. […] And if there is a stunning image — we have a smaller but supportive following on Instagram.” – Val Brown, Maharishi Ayurveda