Risky Business: Brands Breaking the Status Quo


Starting a business in and of itself is risky but sometimes taking risks is the way to go. After all, if you’re worried about not standing out in a crowd, why maintain the status quo? Of course, there’s always a chance, due to timing, poor planning or public perceptions, that a more unconventional product may receive some backlash but ultimately, setting yourself apart from the crows can yield some pretty amazing results.

Below is a list of some of Hubba’s very own risk-takers whose innovative products break boundaries in the best way.

We’ve mentioned thing industries on Hubba before and their quirky yet oh-so-clever home accessories continue to amuse and delight us. Not every shopper will “get” it but those that do will appreciate the humor and surprisingly practical nature of each piece.

RageOn! makes cleverly printed sweaters based on pop and internet culture. A risky game to play, considering their consumers are almost exclusively millennials. Or is it, considering Generation Y’s ultimate buying power?

Speaking of games, don’t kiss your mom after playing this one. F**ck. The Game appeals to shoppers who aren’t at all offended by foul language and are looking to spice up their game night.

Sex and Cereal? Big Life Living’s nutritious (and delicious) cereal is risqué for sure. Whoever said “sex sells” probably didn’t have breakfast food in mind but for the health-conscious shopper concerned about their sexual health, this works!

Moral of the story? If you’ve got an idea that sounds a little outlandish, run with it! At the end of the day, keeping your shoppers intrigued may just be the edge your product needs while on a shelf surrounded by competition.