Ask @RetailPhil: So You’ve Won an Award. Who Cares?


Let’s face it, building a brand can get pretty lonely. Even with customers and retailers in the mix, it’s really easy for the team that powers a brand to get stuck in their own bubble while on the seemingly solitary (yet hopeful!) road to continued success and prosperity.

Often, earning an award during this time (the beginning stages) is the first moment where a brand truly breaks free from being a singularly focused organization to gaining a spot amongst a choir of voices. Put simply, this an instance of external validation, when a brand finally begins to build momentum that doesn’t stem from something the brand created themselves.

So you’ve just won an award! Great! But will anyone care? Once bottles have been popped and your jubilation has calmed into a more moderate buzz of excitement, you’ll probably have a few questions. Read on for things you should consider before sharing the good news as well as what standards you should be following.

Who gave you the award?

Step off the red carpet in your Dior suit or dress, give your acceptance speech gracefully and head backstage. Just kidding – that only happens on TV. More than likely, you received an innocuous email or arrived at your tradeshow booth to find a really exciting piece of paper indicating your award status. Congrats!


Who will identify with the award?

Some awards are built for peers to recognize you among their competition and some are built for consumers to know they can trust you and/or your product. If you won an award like The Best New Product Award, you’ve got a consumer-facing award. However, an Effie Award is most definitely a peer/industry award.


What do you do with it now?

A consumer-facing award means getting customers (new and existing) to notice. A consumer award is something to share with the world. These are the basics of sharing:

  • Include it on your packaging
  • Share your award on Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Share your award in a press release geared towards consumer magazines. See our guide for how to put together a good press release
  • Share the award with your retailer(s) and turn it into a nice, big shipment!
  • Put it in your email signature – be proud of it!

An industry award isn’t as “sexy” but it definitely still has its merits. Much like with a consumer-facing award, you should:

  • Share your award on Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Share your award in a press release, this time aimed towards industry media
  • Share with your retailer(s), thus solidifying yourself as a reliable vendor
  • Put it in your email signature – be proud of it!

Insider tip: Take a minute to check the social media status of the organization who gave you the award and figure out who follows them. That’s a great place to flesh out the audience that actually understands the award you just received and figure out who is most likely to get excited and talk about your success.

You should be proud of the award you won, no matter what you do with it. Recognition comes when you’re doing something right. Sharing your award translates to momentum, and ultimately, brand affinity and more sales.

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