Hubba-UB Podcast: Founder of Vantage Aran Hamilton Offers Essential Advice to Optimize Your Online Store

For this week’s episode of the Hubba-UB show with Saul Colt and Bob Knorpp, Saul chats with Aran Hamilton, CEO and Founder of Vantage, about why everyone should have their own online store and how to get the insights you need to make it a success.

Opening an online store on one of the simple platforms available will get you going but won’t help you create a brand, get visibility, find customers, figure out what your inventory should be, avoid abandoned carts…the list is long. With so many channels to keep up with and consumers coming from all over the world, businesses need to be able to get the insights they need to explain their shoppers behaviour online-and stay focused on growth. Aran offers key steps you can take to build a thriving online store – take a listen!

Listen on iTunes

Listen on iTunes

Vantage is a cloud-based platform that is intelligent enough to quickly flag interesting data points and help users take action on them immediately. It helps business managers navigate data generated by e-commerce operations, increase revenues or decrease churn and calculate the cost of acquisitions and lifetime values of customers. Learn more about Aran or his business on the Vantage website.

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