Influencer 101: 4 Easy Ways to Build Your Personal Brand


We know we have tons of great Influencers on Hubba whose interests span many different industries. We’ve also shared some tips on how brands can connect with Influencers and use their distinct qualities to further their reach.

As an Influencer, you can always gain more followers, work with more brands and post more content. Looking to seriously step up your game? We’ve rounded up a list of 5 things you should be doing as well as some expert advice from Sophie MacKenzie and Sarah UmmYusuf, two Hubba Influencers who know how to get ahead in the game.

The very first introduction a follower is likely to have with your personal brand is your blog or social media. “Make sure to research each platform and choose one that works well for what you want to do,” warns Sophie. Indeed, there are several options if you’re looking to start (or move) a blog. Squarespace, for example, does a great job at making building a website as easy as possible, with amazing templates and customer service, no prior coding knowledge is required.

Of course, a major part of being an Influencer is images – pics or it didn’t happen, right? DSLR cameras can be a great long term investment but if that’s not for you, a lot can be done with a simple iPhone and a great tripod.

You should also be mindful of how often you post – too much, and you may overload your followers. Too little, and you run the risk of losing their attention. “Post during optimal viewing times, meaning post when people are actually [online],” says Sophie. “Usually, mornings and evenings [are a good time]. I use the Iconosquare analytics platform to understand my followers better. I’ve noticed that posting pictures with a lot of color usually gets a lot more likes, [for example].”

In a world full of Influencers, Bloggers and Brand Ambassadors, it’s important to find your niche and run with it! But don’t forget to be true to yourself. As per Sophie, “Lots of brands send me samples to try, review and sometimes share in one of my recipes. It’s important to keep something in your own voice and be genuine. Staying true to yourself is what makes a good campaign.”

Accumulating likes and shares is fun, but if that’s all you’re about, brands and followers will be able to pick up on it right away. Sarah adds, “Be genuine and trustworthy. People want to know your real thoughts, feelings and passions. [People want to know that] I’m not a robot who has been paid money to tell you that I liked this product.”

Truthfully, no matter how good your content, angle or intentions are, no one will know you exist if you don’t put yourself out there and network! Sophie’s advice? “Start making connections early and reach out to people you respect. The community is very friendly, open and willing to share, so definitely turn to your peers for support.” Connecting can be as simple as liking/commenting/following others on social media, reaching out to your peers or finding brands you’d love to work with and pitching why you’d be a great fit. Either way, don’t be shy!

As much as your followers will love you for being genuine, they’ll love you even more if you can show them that following you has its benefits and/or perks. Sarah states, “[Create] a product; people love resources, eBooks, guides, webinars etc. Informational products give your readers value.” A great way to really get to know what your followers want is by keeping track of their needs – how do you do that? Get them to subscribe to an email list! Sarah elaborates, “Focus on your email list – social media is always changing and followers aren’t an accurate representation of engagement. [Besides], you don’t own that data either, it belongs to the social network. Email lists are yours, those are your base subscribers, the people who really want to hear from you and know what you have to say.”

Of course, you can’t add value if you don’t know what you’re talking about. As an Influencer, it’s your duty to stay on top of the industry you represent, whatever that may be. Show your followers you’re educated, stay in their field of vision by putting yourself in the fray of the latest news, be engaged and lend your voice.

While the above are easy to do on their own, it can be a challenge to implement them altogether and stay consistent. But the Influencer game isn’t easy and persistence is key! Be patient, work hard and pretty soon you’ll be reaping the benefits.