Hubba-UB Podcast: The Insider’s Guide to Scaling Your Product With Overseas Manufacturers with Dara Sayet

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This week on the show, Saul chats with Dara Sayet, a consultant specializing in helping businesses develop products from oversea factories.

Listen on iTunes

Listen on iTunes

Dara has a decade of experience finding, producing and sourcing products from oversea factories working with several Top Tier fashion brands (Baby Phat etc.) and also has a line of her own products. She transforms ambitious ideas into product samples, taking something someone dreams up and making it into a reality so they can take it to buyers and actually see it in stores. Learn what to ask and where to start when it comes to sourcing the right manufacturers, and why it’s important to know your “end all wishlist” of retailers you wish to appear in.

Dara shares her knowledge in this in-depth conversation that can be used as a guide for any company looking to develop a product and take a dream to reality. Take a listen on iTunes (don’t forget to rate and subscribe!).