Hubba-UB Podcast: How Nuvango Moved From A Tech Accessories Company to A Fashion-Focused Business (and kept their customers)

As always the Hubba-UB podcast is delivering a high-value and hard-hitting interviews with amazing folks shaping the retail industry.

In this episode, Saul speaks with CEO and Co-Founder of Nuvango, Drew Downs and well as the Director of Marketing and Communications Dawn Laing about their business. They share the inside scoop about their recent re-brand and what it’s like to move from a tech accessories company to a fashion-focused business while keeping your customer base.

Listen on iTunes

Listen on iTunes

Nuvango was founded almost a decade ago as Gelaskins. Gelaskins was one of the first companies to offer custom art on protective options for iPods, iPhones, Laptops and other tech accessories. In time the company grew, added new products like home accessories, art prints and they changed their name to Nuvango. As Nuvango they added clothing and an art gallery.

Take a listen to how this huge business decision was made, what kind of return on investment it delivered and where they will be focusing on next in their company life cycle.

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