Crushing a Kickstarter Campaign – How Superfit Hero Made Their Goal in 2 Weeks


Micki Krimmel had a fantastic idea that she knew she needed funding for. For many entrepreneurs who find themselves in her shoes, crowdfunding is the way to go as it provides a quick and viable option to get funding and get a brand on its feet. However, a lot of people have many misconceptions about how crowdfunding works. Micki didn’t want to start a Kickstarter campaign without doing her research, and LOTS of it (8 months’ worth, to be precise). “I was trying to show respect to my community. I didn’t want to ask them for money unless I knew I was going to be successful.”

So what did Micki learn from creating a successful campaign that got 100% funded within 2 weeks (garnering about $55k in just over 40 days)?

  1. Be versatile – don’t just let your campaign run its course, address issues and needs as they come up.
  2. Having a community who is willing to support you in your journey (emotionally or otherwise) is important.
  3. Go big or go bust – most successful campaigns raise 30% of their goal within the first few days. Make sure you can make that happen.
  4. Make it easy for your friends, family and colleagues to support you – $1 is all it takes.
  5. Don’t just take the money and run – keep backers involved in your journey moving forward.

Be sure to connect with Micki on Hubba and check out the Superfit Hero line of products!

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet