4 Unusual Business Models You Won’t Believe Actually Work


While there is certainly something to be said for following retail trends, it definitely can’t hurt to keep consumers on their toes every once in a while. We’ve come across a few brands that you’d think were doing it ‘all wrong’ but are in fact doing more than alright (in terms of sales, at least).

When shoppers think of mattress shopping they typically think of countless hours spent “test driving” beds in a showroom. As a brand or a retailer, “one size” usually refers to a boxy tee not something your shoppers will potentially sleep in for the next several years. Casper figured out a way to put most mattress-shopping issues to bed with their no-muss, no-fuss business model. Their one size fits all, specially designed mattresses means no trip to the showroom. In approximately 3 clicks (we counted), shoppers can expect a Casper mattress shipped (for free!) to their address, in a convenient and surprisingly small box with a 100-day money back guarantee if they don’t get a terrific night’s sleep.

Fashion aficionados are running to Sixty Bid, a new digital auction platform, for the chance to get the luxury items of their dreams. Why? They’re free! Users of the app get 60 free ‘bids’ they can use as tokens in Sixty Bids’ playful, game-style auctions for top of the line luxury and technology products. If you’re wondering how on earth they make their money, it’s their (very minimal) monthly subscription fee.

Ever considered selling to your shoppers without letting them pick what they wanted first? That’s what Something Store is doing! This ‘mystery marketplace’ gives shoppers the thrill of surprise by offering them a secret item for just $10. A ‘something’ can be anything from jewelry to snacks and even books, as long as it’s legal to trade in the US, it’s fair game!

Customers of this t-shirt brand are liable to do an about face once they realize…it’s not a bakery? Johnny Cupcakes is not your average t-shirt store – their edgy men’s and women’s tees definitely pack a punch but their retail locations are sweet as pie. This brand cleverly packages their wares in a ‘bakery’ setting for a truly unforgettable shopping experience.

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