These Are the 4 Toys Driving Sales This Holiday Season


Every holiday season, certain toys make the ‘must-have’ list. The ‘It’ toy trend, which began with Tickle Me Elmo’ in the mid ‘90s, has come full circle as retro-inspired toys are all the rage this year.

Deja Vu: Hatchimals

Hasbro had incredible success when they released the unique and robotic Furby in 1998. As they race to repeat their success with a revamped version, it seems that they are a little too late. Spin Master has one upped them, with their interactive Hatchimals. Though eerily similar, unlike the Furby, a Hatchimals starts its life in an egg. Kids can hear the Hatchimal breathing while in the egg, and when it’s time, it hatches! But the fun doesn’t stop there – these toys continue through phases of growth, from baby, to toddler to kid. Their kid-keepers can teach them how to walk, dance, and play games (again, similar to the Furbys of yesteryear). At $59.99 each, shortages are already happening, with some parents shelling out hundreds of dollars to snag one on eBay. Spin Master also created a unique situation for shoppers to track down these toys by providing different breeds of the Hatchimals to different retailers, meaning you won’t find the same one in Wal-Mart that you would find in Target or Toys “R” Us – each of these retailers has an exclusive version.

Image via Hatchimals

The Classic Nintendo Has Returned

Most Generation X parents are familiar with the classic Nintendo gaming system. Many versions have since been created – the Nintendo DDS and Wii, just to name a few – and it looks like we can add yet another one to that list. Nintendo has released the ‘Classic NES’ just in time for the holiday frenzy. Like most sought after toys, this one is already both in high demand and in short supply. Unlike the original ‘90s version, this system is smaller and comes preloaded with 30 classic game favorites. It also packs an attractive price tag of $60 for the console.

Star Wars Strikes Back

As kids in the ‘80s raced to open their holiday gifts, many found AT-ATs under the wrapping. Now in 2016, their kids’ kids will find the same, except the name has been updated to AT-ACTs, and the capabilities have also been modernized to include app interactivity and remote control walking and firing action. The updates don’t stop there – this updated version uses Nerf darts and includes a removable cargo container that can double as a Mini-Rebel base. It also comes with three figures – an Imperial driver, a black R2 unit droid and the heroic Jyn Erso, from the revitalized Star Wars movie franchise released earlier in 2016. This price tag however is not very retro, running shoppers $299 per unit.

New Kid on the Block: Shopkins 

This toy started in 2013 by Moose Toys and has since grown to include books, trading cards, and a YouTube channel with animated shorts. Each toy is fashioned after a grocery store item and is known for their tiny size (about the size of a quarter) and funny names. Like popular collectible brands, Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon, Shopkins have ‘Common’, ‘Rare’, ‘Ultra Rare’, ‘Special Edition’, and ‘Limited Edition’ toys. They can also be scanned and played with through the Shopkins World app. Like many collectibles, shoppers need to be careful of counterfeits, which have already begun flooding the market.

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