The Class of 2017: Target Gets Creative with Clothing Line Made for Gen Zers, By Gen Zers

While most companies continue to vie for millennial consumers’ attention (and hard earned bucks), the really smart ones are going after their little brothers and sisters – Generation Z.

While many don’t yet have disposable income themselves, Gen Zers – who will account for about 40% of consumers by 2020 – influence about $600 billion in household spending.

Known as “digital natives”, this creative bunch don’t just consume media (to which they’re connected to for 10+ hours each day) – they produce it, making them more used to seeing their actual peers as influencers. As such, Target is (literally) tailoring their products towards the post-millennial generation with an apparel and accessories collection aimed specifically towards the fashion-conscious demographic.

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Target has enlisted the help of some of the best athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs Gen Z has to offer for their new line, “Art Class.” The initial collection – dubbed “The Class of 2017”- is a limited edition partnership of 100 or so pieces geared towards children aged four to 12 and launched on January 22nd. Items in the Art Class line will range in prices from $5.99 to $24.99 and be released on an ongoing basis every four to eight weeks.

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Of course, this isn’t Target’s first foray into kids wear. “Over the past year, our teams have reimagined our assortment for kids, and guests have loved the introduction of new Target brands including Pillowfort and Cat & Jack,” said Michelle Wlazlo, Target SVP of Apparel and Accessories. “Art Class provides kids, and their parents, another great reason to choose Target. The line gives kids the ability to have fun with their fashion – creating looks that are truly their own and truly original – all while offering moms and dads with the value and convenience their busy lives demand.”

This initiative illustrates just how well Target understands their end-consumer. As Target points out, this generation of self-starters have accomplished some pretty big things in the short period of time they’ve been alive. Now they can add “fashion designer” to their ever-growing list of triumphs. As they become the biggest consumer demographic, brands and retailers will have no choice but to meet them where they feel the most comfortable – between the corner of entrepreneurial spirit and an innate sense of creativity.

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