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We were lucky to chat with Diana, the CEO of EcoBaby Gear, a Portland based all-inclusive store that offers parents and babies safe, natural, organic and eco-friendly products. Since we did a Baby Week feature and highlighted a few awesome eco-friendly baby brands, we thought it would be fitting to have Diana take a look through all of the baby brands participating in Baby Week and talk to us about some of her favourites.


Diana, Tell us about EcoBabyGear!


Diana: EcoBaby Gear is a brick and mortar and eCommerce, our mission “We provide families with safe, natural, organic, Eco-Friendly Baby Products”  We provide the essentials. Over the years we have seen parents struggle with the task of preparing for a new baby. The other element we have seen are parents that want “healthy” products for their children and don’t want to shop at the big box stores.


EcoBaby Gear Store


Parents want to feel secure about what they buy, they love personalization and education. There is a rise in demand for eco-friendly, sustainable, safe, organic and natural products and if possible made in the USA.


Parents want to be assured that if it touches their baby’s body there will be no chemicals, or at the very least a minimal exposure. This is how EcoBaby Gear was born.


We opened in 2007 and began our search for products that would match the needs and goals of our families. EcoBabyGear actually carries numerous brands that are participating in Hubba Baby Week. Below are a few eco-friendly baby brands that stand out to me!


Prince Lionheart




Prince Lionheart as they say, “Committed our lives to creating products that make a difference to families all over the world: where the quality of the item outweighs the price you pay.” Their products are free of chemicals and our families love them. The children that visit our store especially love the wheel bugs.


Satsuma Designs


Satsuma Designs - Collection


Satsuma Designs love babies! Their mission “is to create cozy, all natural and useful products for the people who care for and comfort little ones and besides that they are made in Seattle which is close to our home.” It definitely shows in their products, they are so cute and functional.


Zoë b Organic


Natursutten - Zoe b Organic


Zoë b Organic is a U.S. manufacturer and distributor for BPA free, sustainable, organic products. One of the brands they distribute is Natursutten which is designed by a mom who thinks like me. Natursutten is a natural rubber pacifier that goes directly in the mouth from the beginning of life.


The owner of Zoe b Organic states she is a ‘green mom’ who thinks we need to take care of our planet for the sake of our children. She says, “I believe parents deserve options that are both safer for their children and healthier for our planet.” No kidding!




Bummis Clown Fish Diaper


Bummis one of our international vendors also provides some wonderful products and their fabrics are resourced from America and Canada.“It has become harder and harder for us to find local suppliers but we do it anyway, buying the vast majority of our fabric from American and Canadian mills.


Bummis states that, “At Bummis we buy imported fabrics when we cannot find a domestic manufacturer of the fabric that we need. We strongly support the return of the textile industry in North America and the return of the prosperity that comes with it.” This my friend, is the heart of sustainability.


The Original Squeeze


The Original Squeeze


The Original Squeeze is another wonderful baby brand that replaces throwing away food containers.  The Original Squeeze™ materials are made of certified food and medical-grade safe materials that are free from BPA, Phthalate, PVC,  latex and lead and made from durable silicone. The brand creates toxin-free, reusable feeding tools for babies and children and our shoppers absolutely love them.






Lastly but not least, gDiapers form our native home town Portland Oregon have created an alternative solution for “plastic throw away diapers” gPants diaper covers with Disposable Inserts that are flushable and compostable (wet ones only). Better to compost than to throw into our landfills. Besides that, they are “gorgeous” and that is what the “g” stands for.


Thank you Diana for your awesome feedback on some of our Baby Week brands! Feel free to connect with Diana on Hubba by clicking here.




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