The Science of Baby Making, and Why It Matters to Your Small Business


Did you know 7 in 10 Americans have gotten busy in a tornado or hurricane? How about that 68 degrees is the ideal room temperature to do it in? There’s a whole science to the art of baby-making; studies that date back as far as the late 19th century. It all started when scientists began to notice distinct ‘peak times’ of the year when babies were born.

What if I told you that you could use this information to sell your children’s product?

Understanding your industry’s yearly cycle could be the extra boost you need to finally hit those ambitious sales goals this year. Simply put, a ‘sales cycle’ refers to the ebbs and flows an entire industry experiences. Factors affecting this yearly schedule range anywhere from fashion show season in apparel, to election month in food when everybody begins to eat their feelings.

But when it come to the kids, babies, and toy industry, one sales pattern stands out as both unusual and incredibly useful. We’ve noticed the industry’s sales surge in correlation with the months the most babies are born.

There are many components which play into why more babies are born in certain months than others, and needless to say, they are quite fascinating.


The ‘latitude phenomenon’ scientists can’t explain – but you can benefit from

In the 1930s, scientists uncovered a bewildering pattern in when couples conceive most. Get this: The most popular month to give birth occurs earlier in the year the farther north you travel from the equator. This unexpected correlation means that the most common time of conception in northern states is autumn, and as you move into the more southern states, the time to get busy is in the winter.

Nobody understands why this may be the case, but some affected brands have conducted their own research to dig a bit further. Condom company Trojan discovered that Americans have more sex when it’s hot outside, which directly conflicts with the geographical pattern scientists noticed. There are other factors, of course, like the fact that it’s uncomfortable to be heavily pregnant in the summer so couples may plan to avoid it; or that sperm does, in fact, follow a seasonal motility pattern. But regardless of the cause, we know without a shadow of a doubt when more babies are born… and for your brand, that is an opportunity.

What state does your business operate in?

Baby making during the holidays

The second, more obvious factor affecting national birth patterns are holidays. People are more likely to have sex during winter vacation, both protected and unprotected. In fact, 9 percent of all U.S. conceptions occur in December, which is further affirmed by August’s high birth rate. Another key holiday affecting the charts in the colder months is Valentine’s Day.

There are innumerable factors that play into the kids’ industry sales cycle: back-to-school, holiday shopping, and spring clean season, to name just a few. Understanding why people buy and when is integral to the success of your business. Use this information correctly (for product launches, for example), and you could see a nice little (baby) bump in your sales.


*Infographic via the Royal Society Publishing