Product Spotlight: Mommi Puts Mothers First


Mommi was founded by two mothers (one of whom is a doctor) who felt there was something missing in the prenatal supplement market – so they made their own. Mommi 3-in-1 is an all-encompassing prenatal protein powder that contains 100% of the recommended prenatal vitamins, 15 grams of whey protein and 200 milligrams of DHA in every serving.

“[Mommi is] dedicated to improving prenatal nutrition for women before, during and after pregnancy,” says CEO Erin Shurtz. Using clinical studies by the world’s top nutritionists and OB/GYNs, and in consideration of the FDA’s recommended daily intake levels, Mommi’s delicious vanilla and chocolate protein powders are designed to help women through one of the most important times in their life. Watch the video to hear more about Mommi’s inspiring mission.

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Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet