Mother’s Day Picks: Our Favorite Kid and Baby Items


Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

If your mother is anything like mine (Hi Mom!), she loves to get her shop on. Moms account for a huge part of the consumer market, so it’s no surprise that brands love them. They’re so influential, in fact, that industry has actually adapted to the changes in how they shop -sustainability has become a trend in many industries mothers’ shopping habits, especially in the Kids, Babies and Toys category. There are no more careful shoppers than parents, in fact “40% of moms who only have children younger than six in the household say they think about the long-term impact of products on their children.”

From beautifully crafted high chairs and eco-diapers, to quality wooden toys and room décor, products from Hubba brands can inspire your next store display to attract discerning mothers that love buying quality, functional and beautiful products for their little ones. Hear from the source – mamas in the Hubba office weigh in on fave products!


“Creating this list has brought to light a few things about what I value in motherhood: convenience, beauty, and polka dots (who knew… we learn something new about ourselves every day). I’d be thrilled to have any of these products in my daughter’s nursery… I already do.”

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“It takes a village to raise kids but having the right gear makes a huge difference too. There are so many amazing products that can make your life easier, you wonder how our parents possibly did it. With the items I’ve flagged on my Hubba list, parents will be sure to save time (and tears).”

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Amy Van Es

Amy Van Es

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Amy Van Es